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Meet the Principal

Jessica Powell

Mrs. Powell is passionate about building positive relationships within the school community.

She sees collaboration and supporting staff as being keys to creating an environment that fosters trust and motivates and engages students. She believes partnerships with families are essential to student success and has a “whatever it takes” approach to ensuring that Gifted Academy students are provided the educational opportunities necessary to reach their full potential.

As the principal of Marshall and the parent of four children currently enrolled in the Gifted Academy, Mrs. Powell is deeply committed to the continued excellence of the Academy.

Mrs. Powell has been a member of the Gifted Academy community since 2013, first as an Assistant Principal and then as Principal of the Elementary School. In 2020, she became the Principal at Thurgood Marshall School. Prior to her administrative positions, Mrs. Powell taught first, sixth, and seventh grades in the Kinnikinnick School District, as well as Kindergarten in RPS 205. In 2009, she was awarded the Golden Apple Award for excellence in education.

Mrs. Powell grew up in Rockford and is a graduate of Rockford Public Schools. She received her undergraduate degree from Northern Illinois University with a minor in mathematics. She earned her master’s degree in Educational Administration from NIU in 2007 and added K-9 Gifted Certification to her credentials in 2013.

With four active children, the Powell family has little free time, but Mrs. Powell enjoys watching her children participate in their extra-curricular activities, relaxing with her Golden Retriever and kitten, and spending time with her husband binge watching television series.

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